Experience Success

Success starts with your first days on campus and continues your whole career.
Student Success

Your success in both college and life is what drives the SMC Experience. The SMCX Team offers a variety of resources to help you be successful at SMC, and we are always here to assist one-on-one as well.

All-in-one advisors
SMC students have one advisor that supports them in all areas of success from enrollment to employment. This includes scheduling your classes, academic success and recovery, and career planning and job searching. This model allows you to get to know your advisor better and have someone that truly understands how to help you reach your goals with SMC!


All Advisors are located in the Advising Suite of the Buchheit Administration Building.

Shannon BishopDirector of Student Advising
& Persistence, VA Advisor BishopS@wenyanfy.com
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Victoria AnthonyDirector of Student Success

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Steven Jeter
Steven JeterTutor Coordinator

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Brandon Lyles
Brandon LylesSenior Advisor, Last Names A-G
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Josh GoldenAdvisor, Last Names H-N

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Eric WellsAdvisor, Last Names O-Z
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Hayli KeithStudent Athlete Advisor

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Dr. James BrumbaughOnline Student Advisor
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The SMC Tutoring Center is free to students and has a fantastic variety of specific class help. The SMCX Success team expands on specific tutoring; we focus on the principles behind how to do better in classes on a foundational level.

Academic Resources Include:

  • How to use a planner to organize your work
  • Techniques for how to study and retain information better

Three Ways to Access FREE Tutoring:

1. In-person Peer Tutoring on the first floor of the Walker Building.

2. Online Peer Tutoring via Microsoft Teams.

3. 24/7 Online Tutoring and Writing Help through Thinking Storm.

*During summer terms, students can contact Steve Jeter for tutoring assistance. 

Additional Student Resources:

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The Tutoring Center is located on the ground floor of the Walker Building.

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Questions? Contact
Steven Jeter
Steven JeterTutor Coordinator
864.587.4273 | JeterS@wenyanfy.com
Walker Building, Office 106

First Year Programs

SMC's first year programs are designed to not only offer you an introduction to life on campus, but also to help you develop key skills that will help you be successful in both college and life.

SMC's orientation program is required for all first-year students to help you become acquainted with campus and get you started on the right path to success at SMC! You'll meet fellow incoming students, get to know the campus, and meet with various faculty and staff around campus who will be vital to a smooth first semester at SMC.

Experience Orientation Includes:

  • Meet the SMCX Team
  • Student Success & Academic Resources
  • Business Office & Financial Aid
  • I.T. & Virtual Learning Help
  • Campus Involvement
Fall 2024 OrientationFriday, June 28

Saturday, July 13

Tuesday, July 30

Wednesday, August 7

Friday, August 9

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Check in at 8:30AM. Event is 9AM-3PM in Ellis Hall. Students will need to attend the full 6 hour event and may bring one guest. *All First Year Students Are Required To Attend Orientation!*

Shannon BishopDirector of Student Advising
& Persistence, VA Advisor
Email FirstYear@wenyanfy.com >

SMC 101 | The First Year Experience Course

All new SMC students are required to take SMC 101. This important course kicks off your first semester at SMC by preparing you for a career after college. SMC 101 covers such topics as:

  • Time management
  • Studying techniques
  • Goal setting & achieving
  • Major & career exploration
  • Money management
  • Effective note taking, paper writing, and test taking in college
  • Valuing and amplifying diversity
  • Leadership and working effectively with others
  • Maintaining wellness during your college experience

SMC 101 InstructorsSMC 101 Instructors are a variety of SMC faculty & staff excited to help new students succeed at SMC!

Looking for More Information?
Email Dean of Career & Success >
The X, Office 243
Burgess Student Center
Dr. Megan GeorgionDean of Career & Student Success

"Student Success from Enrollment to Employment."
Spartanburg Methodist College defines student success as the processes that are most likely to lead to positive academic, economic, and professional outcomes for students. We measure success quantitatively (academic performance, graduation rate, employment rate), as well as qualitatively (student involvement, personal and professional growth). Ultimately, SMC believes that students are successful when they demonstrate self-reliance, academic achievement, a sense of responsibility and purpose, and the ability to secure gainful employment in a chosen career.