Religious Life

Religious Life

Contact the Chaplain

Contact The Rev. Timothy C. Drum, SMC Chaplain, via email or 864-587-4282.


College life presents unique challenges to living a faithful life.  As an institution connected to the United Methodist Church, SMC encourages students to struggle with and grow in their faith, both intellectually and spiritually.  In the classroom, you will be challenged to explore the views of others whose faith traditions may not be like yours. At the same time, you are invited to participate in various campus ministry activities that will help you grow spiritually. In the words of John and Charles Wesley, founders of what is now the Untied Methodist Church, we strive “to unite the two so long disjoined, knowledge and vital piety.”

The foundation of our campus ministry program is worship.  SMC offers weekly Chapel services that are designed to expose participants to various worship styles.  Students are encouraged to assist in the leading of these worship serves, sharing the gifts they have been given to make the services more meaningful to the gathered community.  Groups such as the SMC Gospel Choir and the Troubadours lead in music and praise.

SMC offers a wide variety of Bible studies and fellowship opportunities.  Currently, we are fortunate to have denominational campus ministries and parachurch organizations to assist students in their spiritual growth.  By joining together with other students in these small groups, students can learn from one another how to live faithfully on a college campus.

Students will also be challenged to be the hands and feet of Christ through service to those in need.  Many different groups plan and implement service projects as a part of their programming, making a difference in our community.  SMC provides many opportunities for group or individual service.  Students are encouraged to join with other students to serve through Kappa Sigma Alpha (SMC’s co-ed student-led service fraternity).  If you have a particular area in which you would like to focus your service and need assistance in finding a place, contact the Chaplain.

From its beginning, the people called Methodist have valued enriching both mind and spirit.  The United Methodist Church is the only church to be founded on a university campus.  In the spirit of their founders, United Methodists have established over 100 colleges and universities in the United States.

SMC’s motto is “Deus Providet,” which means “God Provides.”  We look forward to seeing how God will provide for you during your time at SMC, and how God will provide a blessing for others through you.

SMC is approved by The University Senate of The United Methodist Church.

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Religious Organizations at SMC

  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry

    offers men’s and women’s small groups focusing on Bible study and discipleship, as well as an opportunity to join with students from the other Spartanburg colleges and universities for worship on the campus of USC Upstate on Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. VISIT THE BCM WEBSITE

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    offers Bible study, special programs, and times of fellowship for intercollegiate and intramural athletes (and even non-athletes).

  • Upstate CRU

    provides Bible study, fellowship, and one on one mentoring to assist students on their faith journey. Meets on Tuesday nights @ 7:30 PM in SMC’s Chapel for a small group Bible study. VISIT THE UPSTATE CRU WEBSITE

  • SMC Gospel Choir

    The SMC Gospel Choir, under the direction of Mr. Steven Jeter, Director of Tutoring Services, is open to all students who enjoy singing and fellowship. They perform at Chapel services and for various on and off campus events.

  • Pioneer Preaching Group

    The Pioneer Preaching Group provides an opportunity for students interested in Christian ministry to develop and grow in the skill of proclamation, leadership, and worship planning. The Pioneer Preaching Group meets twice a month, and anyone can join!

  • Devotional Group

    The Devotional Group meets weekly in Davis Chapel to read and prayerfully discuss scriptures chosen by the group.

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